Charlotte Ellen Lowrey


This page is dedicated to my only sister who watched over me like a hawk, beat me up, played with me as a kid and who was my best friend. 

    For the sister that beat up others who picked on me.  For the sister that protected me one time when I was small from a great big dog.  For the sister who lost one brother already.   For the sister and aunt that my children will never know.....

    The people that knew Charlotte realized that she was a great person both inside and out.  She had the charm of an angel and the beauty of a princess.  As a matter of fact many a suitor got their hearts broken by her.

    Charlotte was so carefree and happy.  Times were tough but she somehow made it through with a smile and a laugh.  I can remember the times when I would be so selfish and not share with her but no matter what I did she always knew that I loved her so.

    There were times in my life when I didn't realize how precious life was.  With the death of my sister it made it much more real..........

Char in 1975

I love you Charlotte Ellen Lowrey


Sean and Charlotte Christmas 1991


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