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Users I've sold to on and other Forum Boards

Heatware Rating

Screen Name Forum Board Bought Sold Comments
shutterhappy and friend 200/2.8 L 200/2.8 L  
Johnkentucky   Maxtor 200GB SATA HD  
dmonterisi   420EX with Stofen  
surfshooter   Samsung CDRW/DVD  
actionman   CP-E2  
bdeshazer and friend   Canon A20  
MacD and friend EOS-1D MkII    
MacD and friend 2X teleconverter    
MacD and friend 17-40/4L    
MacD and friend 70-200/2.8 IS L    
MacD and friend   Canon Power Shot G3  
WFMX   Lens Hood for 28-135IS  
lisantica Apple Powerbook G4    
lisantica Canon NP-E3 512MB Transcend CF  
lisantica   NetGear 801.1A+G Router  
lisantica   Many many other items  
aXe   Maxtor 120GB SATA HD  
1banger 24-70/2.8L    
nguyenpa   256MB PC133 SODIMM  
Melanie Kipp   85/1.8 lens  
Mountainrivera   IBM Travelstar 8.1GB - DYLA28100  
Philly   Fujitsu 6GB - MHK2060AT  
Cbeam2   IBM Travelstar 20GB - DK23DA  
Jason C   IBM Travelstar 20GB - DJSA-220  
Nguyenpa   Toshiba 30GB - MK3021GAS  
Honorerdieu   IBM Travelstar 12GB - DARA21200  
Linda Baldwin   IBM 40GB 5400RPM  
Tom in mpls Hoya MRC UV Filter    
ProfAlan 28-105/3.5 USM    
tuannie 1.4X II Teleconverter    
weekh Canon Vest    
Tim Chong Canon Vest    
dr256   Tamrac Pro 13 (613)  
inovo8iv   Sigma 28-70/2.8 DF EX  
picturestory   Canon EOS-1DMkII Sean is an all-around great guy. I talked with him a few times regarding his Canon and some items that I was selling. He apparently takes great care of his equipment, so you can buy with great confidence from Sean. And he even threw in his Fedex shipping discount :-). Thanks!
Ross   Canon EF 17-40/4 L Sean's a great guy! I just bought his 17-40 f/4 L and I got it at my house in 1 day! Its a great lens in prestine condition. I'm sure this computer is the same.


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