AGE:  12 years old

EYE COLOR:  Light Blue

HAIR COLOR:  White with cream on his ears, tail, paws and nose

FAVORITE PLACE:   Sean and Renee's house

HOBBIES:    Toilet Paper unrolling, climbing on the shower curtain rod, Kleenex tissue removing, curtain climbing high jump (received 2 Gold and 1 Silver medal in the 1996 Cat Olympics) and sleeping on the bed in the sun   



Tremendous Thank You for Nala's Operation
Screen Name - Name Amount Forum Board
shutterhappy - Shawn $20
AppleCanon - Jessie Levinson $80
lisantica - Lisa $20
M.Best - Mike Best $25
Piercey - Mike Pierce $10
pidge - Manuel Guzman $20
Benjamin Munn $20
zaknat - David Kipper $20
_Kerpal_ $20
George Guinn $50
Sh0cker2k4 - Jaime Rivera $10
Fred Blockland $10
Matthew Rabinowitz $20
gbriney - Gary Briney $20
RichD - Richard Dreger $10
TOTAL $355

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who offered donations without anything but people who love animals and who can relate to unexpected and expensive surgeries for their pets.  I and my cat thank you all.  For those who have donated I will keep you all informed of Nala's progress after his surgery on Wednesday.  Thank you all again for helping me out financially and spiritually.

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