Hello and thanks for viewing my personal page.  I think that I am supposed to tell a little about myself so here goes:

    I am a 33 year old with a passion for computers, technology, cars, home theater and photography.  I try to incorporate all of those passions during my downtime at work however sometimes work tells me differently.

    Right now I am currently unemployed as I previously was working as a Field Technology Consultant for a large global company.  Yes it's a confusing title but it basically means I manage computers, technology and graphics to supporting 80+ stores in Texas all the way from San Antonio to Wichita Falls and from Bossier City, LA to Amarillo!  The job of 10 years finally came to an end on September 26th, 2008 when FedEx laid off all of my positions in the US.  So if you have any great leads please do send them my way!

Sean's Resume

Living in Texas and especially Austin, TX has really changed my life.  Austin is such a laid back city with the population of a big city with the feel of a smaller town.  In the past three years of living here, Renee (my girlfriend) and I bought a brand new house and acquired an adorable Doberman Pinscher who we named Madeline Alexis Lowrey.  Gone are the single days however I still have those "single" days where I go drive my car or play with my toys. 

So that is my page...    Please come back often because I add pics and other items weekly. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Sean Marc Lowrey


P.S.  People have requested more pictures of me so I dug some out for nostalgia's sake.  Funny how things change!


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