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As requested here are a lot more pictures of Sean and his friends, family and life....please be patient while this loads...and by
the way, click on each thumbnail to get a bigger view.  Please come back often as I will be adding more pics.
:o) .................. SmL

Be sure to check out my "Friends Pics".  New and just added!

Sean as baby! Around 1974 or 75' I can't remember. Getting off the train in St. Louis Archive Ball 1991 Justin & Sean with dates Spirit Week 1991\nRandall, Justin and I "The Crew": Neil, Mike and Sean (we are just too suave) in 1992 Dad and Sean at the Amtrak Station in St. Louis, Missouri 1991. High School Dance (clockwise) Sean,Neil,Heather, Mike, I forgot (lol), Justin, Kristen, and Rachel (my old high school sweetheart) 1992 Sean, Neil and Sheri a long time ago at my mom's house. Stick em' up! 1992 Sean and Rachel- Grad Nite 1992 Sean and Lindsay Senior Pics 1992 Sean at Bothwell State Park 1992 Sean and Chris during "Senior Week" camping down at Osage Beach, MO. 1992 Sean and Chris, same place, funny thing though, Chris lost his underwear on the way to the showers... haha Sean and Jason, in front of my house Sept. 8, 1997. Sean and Krystna, in front of my house Sept. 8, 1997. Me & Missy Sean at Halloween 1997 Jason and Sean at a Meatloaf concert in the Summer of 1996. Karen and Sean, Paducah, KY Heading to work as a social worker on a sunny day in 1998! Me and Nala playing' on the computer in front of the cam. 99' Me at the Market Office in Overland Park, KS 2001 Me at the Market Office in Overland Park, KS 2001 Me at the District Office in Mission, KS 2003 Easter with my baby cousin 2001 Sea World during Picnic in San Diego, CA 2001 More....Sea World during Picnic in San Diego, CA 2001 Me at Epcot Center in Orlando, FL 2002 My Best Friend Jeff's Graduation Party with his gorgeous cousin! 2000 Kids Day with Chiefs Cheerleaders. Don't they look perky? 2001

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